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Free Consultation

Determine if Medicaid Planning is a viable path forward.

Verification Screening/Processing

Medicaid rules require an applicant to provide all necessary and requested documentation to prove or verify the information contained in the application. The list of required proofs are typically quite long. We help organize and deliver these proofs.

Income & Asset Assessment

Take a Tally of assets in as-is form as well as based on the snapshot date. Evaluating what is countable and not. Identifying income resources and frequency.

Post-Eligibility Planning and Development

Once eligibility is achieved, a number of post-eligibility determination clean-up activities remain in order to maintain coverage, things such as: adjusting copays, preparing various estate-planning documents that recognize the new situation. Notifying the agency of any major changes and reapplying for coverage annually.

Medicaid Plan Development

Develop a plan with a summary of findings, 3 best options with pros and cons to each with recommended strategy that contains a cost-benefit analysis of optional choices and associated expenses. Recommended Strategy will have a timeline, target date, & series of steps to be followed.

Medicaid Eligibility & Application

Medicaid Plan Implementation

Doing & Facilitating

Income Needs Projection

Application Filing

Complete and file an application with the correct forms.

Asset Protection